Kraken Bat Grip Pink Pro Grip


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Next level grip enhancement and feel with genuine pine tar.  Innovative formulation works well in cool to hot weather.  Use on wood, composite, aluminum bats and other sports equipment.

What’s the first thing most college and MLB guys do with a traditional paper tube wrapped grip sticks?  Rip off the entire paper tube and wrap it in athletic tape for more convenient use.  Our Pro Wrap sticks come hand pre-wrapped in athletic tape so you don’t have to do it.  Easier.  Cleaner.  On-deck circle ready.  Tear back tape until desired amount of Kraken is showing, tear off tape, swing away.  Greatly preferred by those that have used them as compared to our traditional paper tube.  Comes with a plastic pop top Kraken tube to store it in at no additional cost.  Protects your other baseball gear without a lame plastic baggie.

Same legendary grip enhancement and on-deck circle ready Pro Wrap style, dripped out in our hot pink bubble gum colored tape.  Go bold.  Hit bombs.  Comes with traditional plastic pop top carry case at no additional cost.

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